April 26

What is a CMMS?


CMMS – Computerized Maintenance Management System

A CMMS is a way to organize your employees, assets and work flow so that your business can perform effectively and efficiently. Managing a field service operation is one of the most complex tasks. The goal is to find a system that can keep your assets in constant communication optimizing the peak performance of operations.

Key points to address in a CMMS platform

CMMS - Maintain & Deploy

The goal is to keep business flowing seamlessly. The ability to maintain your assets and track the efficiency rating provides a key to effective production. Tracking the asset purchase on through to scheduling preventative maintenance and monitoring the frequency of any repairs, parts and outages all in one system will streamline your productivity. Teams can quickly assess what your needs are and how they can be managed and deploy the appropriate service operators

CMMS - Analytics

Map based scheduling streamlines the value of time by organizing preventable maintenance and providing actionable reports. Analyzing what the current needs are and managing them to provide the most cost-effective work flow through superior asset management coordination. Work orders processed on-time with proven data derived from a priority maintenance strategy. Your business growth and sustainability relies on the most up to date data providing you with job based costing to inform you what jobs are most profitable.

CMMS - Leadership

Empowering your valued employees to have a clear understanding of work flow strategies from start to finish. A reduction in administrative time, overtime expenses and unplanned downtime gives your team the ability to drive growth in your business.

CMMS - Communications

A key to maintenance operations is keeping the team aware of every aspect of the process and all field response teams connected through one integrated system. One single platform that can keep monitoring, maintenance and asset reliability unified for strategic planning and performance.

CMMS is suitable for all businesses 

A CMMS is suitable for all businesses, from small to larger corporations. The customization, implementation and training is unique to your business and your specific needs in the industry. Your ROI can be maximized to its fullest potential by automating your service communication, invoicing and backup through CMMS.  See how Facility Matters can can help by scheduling a demo today!


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